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Hi there ,
I'm a UI/UX Designer based in Singapore. I was planning to say something clever here, but the only thing I came up with is "Design is part of every single thing we do or use every single day".
My name is Yasintha, and I spend my time 
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Pricing Menu

UX & ui design・Mobile App

Pricing menu I designed to attract new users to the app. Each fomular implemtes complexity.

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Go Sri Lanka

Ux & ui design・Website

Traveling somewhere exciting but don't have time to figure out your daily itinerary? I designed a product that curates your travel plans based on activities you already like.

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Ux/ui design・logo design
behance dribbble

About Yasintha

I am a designer from Sri Lanka based in Singapore. Before I discovered UI/UX design, I was a Front-End developer. I left everything behind and moved to my favorite country and pursue my dream of creating meaningful and delightful products for companies I admire.

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